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What is Social Media Marketing?

In simple words, social media marketing can be explained as use of social media platforms or websites by businesses and brands to promote their products and services.  SMM is more than just posting a product description or spamming your brand's twitter.  To Digitusk, Social Media Marketing is about being open and interactive to existing and potential customers. Social Media TAKES YOUR BRAND TO CUSTOMER'S LIVING ROOMS OR DINING ROOMS! SMM is an art, skill and strategy that lets your brand connect to the target audience individually. SMM lets you talk and influence your potential consumers. Whether an established business or a budding one they all feel the need to communicate and social media marketing lets you do that efficiently.

6 of many reasons why you should use SMM

1- 59% of people access social media everyday and over a third check social media 5 times a day.

2- Consumers are much more receptive through SMM.

3- Different social media channels help you reach targeted audiences.

4- SMM is cost effective.

5- Your competitors are on social media too.

6-  SMM gives you the opportunity to gain new customer insights.

Time to captivate your audience on social media. Let's get you interacting with your customer and boost your popularity.

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